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Medical Services

Family Medicine & Urgent Care

Family Medicine

Primary Care

Idaho Falls | Ammon, Idaho

Make the providers and doctors at Ridgeline Medical your first resource for medical care. We also provide comprehensive medicine after your initial visit.

Our staff treats illnesses and educates patients across a range of specialties:

  • Family and internal medicine
  • Preventative medicine
  • Adolescent and pediatric care
  • Public health
Dr. Danny Spencer at Ridgeline Medical in Idaho Falls, ID

Comprehensive Care

Women’s Health

We provide women with comprehensive care for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of female-specific health issues. Our health screenings, annual exams, and other services offer you a compassionate and effective choice for your personal care.

  • Annual exams
  • Breast exams
  • Contraceptive management
  • General women’s health care
  • Hormone Replacement (Pellets)
Mother with her baby at Ridgeline Medical Idaho Falls, ID

Hormone Replacement

Designed to aid both men and women, pellet hormone replacement therapy, helps with loss of libido, brain fog, fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings, weight gain or loss, dry skin, and more. 

    Smiling mature couple at a park

    Onsite Lab & X-Ray

    Our Urgent Care services are available without an appointment on the day you visit.

    • On-site X-Ray
    • On-site Labs (STREP| COVID | RSV)
    • Same Day Results
      Dr. Danny Spencer showing x-rays to a mom and child at Ridgeline Medical in Idaho Falls, ID

      Chronic Disease Management

      If chronic diseases are causing you issues, consult our doctors for effective treatment options. At Ridgeline Medical, some of the diseases we can help treat are:

          • RA
          • Diabetes
          • Fibromyalgia
          • Chronic fatigue syndrome
      Doctor pointing to the words "Chronic Illness" and various images related to healthcare

      We will regulate medication and offer a holistic approach in conjunction with medication to best manage the disease.

      Telehealth Visits

      Telehealth appointments are available at Ridgeline Medical. Our video conferencing software allows you and your doctor to see and hear each other as you discuss your concerns or any symptoms you may have.

      We use YourHealthFile, which allows us to remain professional and HIPAA compliant.

      Elderly woman having a telehealth appointment.

      Medically Managed


      Heal through nutrition, mindset, and wellness practices with this course to broaden your understanding of nutritional healing. It begins with a nutritional assessment to tailor the content to your unique needs, helping you identify which bodily systems may need more support. Designed to complement the care you receive from Ridgeline Medical, this convenient, at-home learning experience allows you to educate yourself on key health aspects, aligning your lifestyle with your health goals.

      This course will encourage you to stay committed to achieving optimal health. Experience peace of mind and improved quality of life as you actively engage in this comprehensive care approach.

      Various healthy foods that support nutritional health

      Sleep Care

      Come see our sleep specialist Christina Finnerty, FNP. She would love to help you get to the root cause of your sleep condition, if you suffer from any of the following:

      • Having a hard time getting to sleep or staying asleep
      • Being told you snore or stop breathing in your sleep
      • Waking up in the middle of the night with your heart racing
      • Restless, irritable legs
      • Tossing and turning in your sleep
        Young girl reaching for her phone in bed struggling with sleep care

        Integrated Medicine

        Our experienced team selectively incorporates the best ideas in complementary and alternative medicine into our traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to promote collaboration among our providers and bring you a comprehensive treatment plan that fits the way you live.

            • Chronic pain
            • Chronic disease
            • And many others
        Helen Kenney PA-C using stethoscope at Ridgeline Medical in Idaho Falls, ID

        Age Management

        When you think of aging, you think of something natural that you have no control over. But taking control over your aging process can really increase your quality of life!


        • Weight loss
        • Improved sleep
        • Increased sense of well-being
        • Sharper thinking
        • Stronger immune system
          Smiling elderly couple hugging

          “Helen and her team are amazing, I love going to her and feel very comfortable and feels she is sincere.”

          Kim Watson