About Us

Heal through nutrition, mindset, and wellness practices with this course to broaden your understanding of nutritional healing. It begins with a nutritional assessment to tailor the content to your unique needs, helping you identify which bodily systems may need more support. Designed to complement the care you receive from Ridgeline Medical, this convenient, at-home learning experience allows you to educate yourself on key health aspects, aligning your lifestyle with your health goals.

This course will encourage you to stay committed to achieving optimal health. Experience peace of mind and improved quality of life as you actively engage in this comprehensive care approach.

Meet Your Nutrition Coach


Kristine is a seasoned Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with over 10 years of experience specializing in nutritional healing within clinical settings. Having
worked alongside top healthcare providers, Kristine has a deep understanding of the unique challenges patients face.

She champions a personalized approach to nutrition and wellness, designed to meet your specific health needs right at home. Embracing the power of collaboration, Kristine is committed to enhancing your health and well-being through an innovative, automated nutrition and wellness program and Ridgeline Medical.

Our Mission


Driven by her passion and the impactful benefits of her program, Kristine May has crafted an approach that’s both simple and cost-effective for Ridgeline Medical patients. This six-month educational course, complete with tailored email campaigns, aims to significantly enrich your health journey. Gain access to valuable content that aligns perfectly with your ongoing care at Ridgeline Medical, empowering you to take charge of your health.


Module 1

Introduction, Nutrition Assessment & Goal Setting

Module 2

Foundational Pillars of Health

Module 3 Part 1

Gut Healing & Controlling,Digestive Inflammation

Module 3 Part 2

Digestive Dysfunctions – Understanding When Things Feel Off

Module 4

The Role of Minerals & Fats

Module 5

Managing Blood Sugar & Sugar Intake

Module 6

Vitamin Needs & Nutritional Approaches

Module 7

Stress Management & Adrenal Health

Module 8

Hormones, Thyroid & Reproductive Health

Module 9

Dietary Support for Cardiovascular Health

Module 10

Supporting Healthy Detoxification

Module 11

Boosting Your Immune System Understanding Your Defenses

Module 12

Course Review & Maintaining Good Health Habits

See your provider to discuss how to join us on this journey to optimize your time and results, supporting your path to optimal health with the convenience of learning from home through Ridgeline Medical.